Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mt Macedon Madness


Visiting : Wildwood Road, Mt Macedon, Woodend
Distance : ~182km
When : Sunday 21st February, 6am @ Fed Square
Where : Click here for route map

Lots of dirt, lots of climbing, lots of fun. Mt Macedon is big on size and big on scenery. This ride sums up what "There Will Be Dirt" is all about.

This is the first "unfinished business" ride. The first campaign on Mt Macedon was a corker but I ran out of daylight while still on the mountain and had to call for the sag wagon. For this second attempt I've trimmed some of the fat and added a more interesting final descent. Result: All killer, no filler.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Merrimu Loop


Visiting : Woodlands, Merrimu, Bullengarook, Pyrete Range
Distance : ~170km
When : Monday 28th December, 6am @ Fed Square
Where : Click here for route map

Actually, I can't wait til next year. This one's a nice loop out of Merrimu with a decent climb and a fair bit of dirt through the Pyrete Range. Inspired by a ride posted on fyxomatosis a while back.

All done for this year

All done for this year. Next year's calendar is already chockers with more fun rides. For now, thanks go out to :

Andy - - for inspiration
Dan - - inspiration and bike work
Dom - - bike fit/form forums - inspiration, education and moral support