Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Post-Murch Vol. 1

 Visiting : Mt Sugarloaf, Disappointment State Forest, Murchison Gap, Strath Creek
Distance : ~145km
When : Sunday 28th July, 9:30am @ Hurstbridge Train Station
Where : Click here for route map (subject to change!)

Good times up north! This will be a solid ride through some beautiful country. Straight north from Hurstbridge we'll visit Mt Sugarloaf (because I've never actually been up there before) then down the other side towards Hazeldene before ducking into the Disappointment State Forest. We'll keep heading north and pop out at Murchison Gap before flying down to Strath Creek Hotel for a beer. From there we'll take an old fave, Upper King Parrot Creek Road, before climbing back up to Kinglake Central and then bombing down Bowden Spur Road and back to Hurstbridge.

Beautiful country, some paved roads, some dirt roads, some solid climbs and some screaming descents. And beer. What's not to like?

9:30am start to cater for train commuters, I'll be on a singlespeed with CX knobbies, bring 2 bidons or a bladder.