Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wombat Botherer

Visiting : Sunbury, Gisborne trails, Wombat trails
Distance : ~120km (depending on mood...)
When : Saturday 29th November, 8:20am @ Sunbury Train Station

Long time, no ride.

I've always wanted to check out the trails around Wombat/Gisborne area so this is the ride where I do that. And I'd love some company!

Start/finish at Sunbury station to meet the train (it's now part of the suburban metro network i.e. NOT v-line, woohoo!). There'll be some paved country roads to get out to Gisborne area where we'll check out the trails around Hobbs Road and then it's into Wombat State Forest to see the famous Wombat Track. Note: There'll be LOTS of singletrack on this ride - feel free to ride a 'crosser or whatever but make sure you know what you're getting into. I'll be on a rigid singlespeed 26er MTB so no speed records will be set though I'm planning to give FUN records a nudge.

Bring heaps of water, we'll probably stop in at Gisborne or Woodend or something for food at some point. Also, if the stars align, we may meet up with a Wombat local mate who'll play tour guide for us and laugh at our bikes. If you're catching the train, get the 7:19am from Flinders Street or, even better, ride out to Sunbury!

See ya there!