Friday, June 1, 2012

Kinglake Explorer

Visiting : Smiths Gully, Kinglake, Flowerdale
Distance : 120km
When : Sunday 17th June, 9:30am @ Hurstbridge Train Station
Where : Click here for route map

This is a short but hilly mission to check out some roads and trails that I should know but have never got around to visiting. We'll start off with some Smiths Gully trails before climbing up to Kinglake via Mt Everard Track. From there we'll check out the full length of Extons Road/Mt Robertson Road - maybe grab a beer at Flowerdale Hotel - before heading back to Hurstbridge via slightly different trails.

I'll be riding singlespeed so expect a slow pace on the flats (actually there are no flats) and lots of swearing on the climbs. I'd err on the side of fatter tires for this one.

NOTE: Start time changed to 9:30am to sync up with first train into Hurstbridge!