Sunday, October 24, 2010

Volcanoes of Prehistory


Visiting : Werribee Gorge, Brisbane Ranges NP, You Yangs
Distance : ~224km
When : Sunday 7th November, 7am @ Fed Square
Where : Click here for route map

Time to head out west into the Werribee Plain and beyond where it's not about lush, muddy old-growth forest, it's all ancient geology, gorges, volcanoes and granite outcrops clawing up to the burning sky from beneath antediluvian lava seas.

It's a straight shot out west to Bacchus Marsh and then we'll hit Werribee Gorge and continue on up by the train line before visiting the infamous Mt Wallace (going down!). Then we'll double back and do a top-to-bottom tour of the Brisbane Ranges National Park for more volcanic landscape under the food-hungry eyes of wedge-tailed eagles and peregrine falcons.

Turning back east for home we'll cane it across the plains with the wind at our back and go straight up and over the You Yangs for some tasty singletrack action before rolling on to Werribee and hooking onto the Federation Trail for a flat and fetid return to the Big Smoke.

This is a long ride but mostly dead flat with only a couple of significant climbs around the gorges. Lots of dirt road and lots of sandy, gravelly loose rocky terrain. I'm considering gearing a little higher for this one due to the looong flat sections.