Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lake Mountain


Visiting : Warburton, Marysville, Lake Mountain, Mt Donna Buang
Distance : 160km + transport
When : Sunday 22nd May, ~7:30am @ Warburton
Where : Click here for route map

Some proper climbing this time. Starting from Warburton we'll head straight up Mt Donna Buang. Halfway up we'll detour along the Acheron Way to Marysville and have a look up Lake Mountain before retracing our steps and completing the Mt Donna Buang climb. Then it's down the back way to Don Road where we join the Warby Trail at Launching Place.

This ride is a little different to previous TWBD rides in that it starts away from the city far from the train lines and, in fact, before the first train even arrives at the closest station (Lilydale). This means you can either sleep in and drive to Warburton or, alternatively, get up early and ride to Warburton and treat it as a "transport stage". I'll be doing the latter.

Because of this transport stage before the start, I'll have to ask everyone who decides to come on this ride to email me (andrew at fmod dot org) so we can swap phone numbers and coordinate on the day. I can't guarantee I'll be at Warburton at exactly 7:30am (my transport stage will be about 80km) and I certainly won't wait around for people who may or may not be coming if I get to Warburton early.

Big climbs, big miles, this is going to be a big day.