Monday, February 11, 2013

Bundy Toolangi

Visiting : Bundy Track, Toolangi, Mt St Leonards, Pauls Lane
Distance : ~110km
When : Saturday 16th February, 10::00am @ Hurstbridge Train Station
Where : Click here for route map (subject to change!)

Another short hilly mission to some cool places around the Kinglake, Toolangi, Healesville, Yarra Glen area. Will visit the newly reopened Bundy Track and a bunch of dirt roads, fire roads, singletrack and some hike-a-bike.

It'll be roughly 110km with probably over 3000m climbing. There will be water at Toolangi but no planned food stops (unless emergency) so bring a big bladder and plenty of food. The forecast looks hot!

Run what you brung. I'll be on a singlespeed 29er.


  1. How did this ride go Andrew looks interesting as per all your rides ooroo Andy

  2. Oops, belated reply. From memory, Bundy Track was steep and gnarly, MTBs made it down ok but RR was on his CXer and had to scramble down some bits on foot, the climb up Old Dixons Creek Road was rad, Toolangi Pub service was interesting as usual, I cramped on the climb up Mt St Leonard. Time ran out so we missed some nice HAB and I decided I'd bonked and took paved roads back home while the others kept on trucking into the darkness.

    Good times.


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