Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mt Hickey

Visiting : Disappointment SF, Murchison Gap, Mt Hickey, Flowerdale, Bowden Spur
Distance : ~174km
When : Saturday 11th July 2015, 2:00am @ Hurstbridge Train Station
Where : (subject to change!)


It's going to puke snow on Sun/Mon so I'm going to cancel this ride for now and come back to it later. When the weather window opens, you gotta jump through it!


Heading north this time, through Whittlesea, Disappointment State Forest, Murchison Gap and up to the top of Mt Hickey. Not much of a view up there apparently but I want to go see it for myself anyway. Great riding in Dissa on the way there and should be great views out northeast over Yea and beyond from Murchison Gap. If the timing's right there might be lunch and beer at Flowerdale Pub on the way home.

Nice early start time of 2am because I'm still in singlespeed MTB mode i.e. slow and steady. Also, riding at night is awesome and we should be in/around Disappointment State Forest when the sun rises which means lots of animals to say hello to.

No real planned food stops beyond lunch at Flowerdale Pub at 128km but there's also Strath Creek Pub at ~100km which might be a good resupply depending on the timing. Bring plenty of food with you! Haven't scoped the water sitz in great detail but I'd bring enough for a few hours and your purification system of choice and we'll find some creeks along the way.

It'll be a long steady day so switch it into diesel and settle in for an all-day cruise.

Oh, and email/comment/pm/txt/whatever if you wanna join me. If you don't confirm with me first, I won't wait for you at 2am at Hursty Station!

See ya there!


  1. Good call Andrew, that weather window was shut you would have broken the glass if you jumped

    Andy D

    1. Hey Andy, the weather window I was interested in was the snow window that opened briefly over the weekend. I got out for a ride yesterday but the rain had already washed most of the snow away. Australia is terrible at winter!


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